vampires vs zombiesVampires vs zombies, which one would you side with? Before you jump to conclusions and choose sides, let me start by giving you some facts on vampires, then I’ll let you in on the truth about zombies. After that, I’ll tell you which ones I choose and why …

Facts on Vampires

Vampires Don’t Have Reflections

What makes us human? Is it our souls? Perhaps it’s our intelligence? Maybe it’s our consciousness? Traditional thinking states that it is our souls that make us unique. It is said that our souls move into heaven or hell when we die – or whatever you believe in. Vampires were former humans and their death says that they are lacking a soul and for this reason, when they look into a mirror, they cannot see their reflection. It is believed that a mirror can only show an image when the body is combined with a soul. So yeah, vampires never know when they need a haircut. In the past, they lined mirrors with silver to make sure they were deadly to vampires.

You Can Stop a Vampire from Rising

If you fear your friend is going to rise from the grave as a vampire, there are numerous ways you can stop this. Many times, the body is buried face down in order to stop them from coming out of the ground. This will cause them to go down into the earth, instead of coming up. Many also say it doesn’t hurt to shove things in their mouth, such as garlic and some coins, and then pour salt over the grave. If you are horribly terrified that they are going to emerge, you can put rocks over their entire grave. If you’re extra paranoid, you could make an iron cage over the grave, making it hard for them to escape.

Not an Immediate Undeath Sentence

When you are bitten by a vampire, it doesn’t mean you have an immediate undeath sentence (unless you want one). There are ways you can reverse this change – just consume the ashes of the vampire that bit you. If you have trouble eating ashes, make bread out of the blood and eat it.

Sleeping in Coffins

Vampires don’t really need to sleep. The idea that they sleep in coffins showed up because whenever someone was believed to be a vampire, they were dug up. Sometimes, the bodies would be in a different position (caused from their body decomposing).

Facts on Zombies

Zombies Love Eating Brains

Zombies love to eat human brains, but they are known for feasting on vital organs. At the time of writing this article, the U.S.D.A has not issued a recommended allowance for human brains. Nutritionists throughout the world are concerned that zombies may be extremely malnourished, causing them to be sluggish.

How to Tell if You’re a Zombie

If you’re bitten by a zombie or you have died, then discovered you are still living, there are numerous tests available to determine if you’re a zombie. However, your chances of being a zombie are like 1 in 50 – I can tell you right now, if you’re reading this article, you’re not really a zombie.

Zombies in Haiti

According to folklore, a voodoo priest is able to take the living and turn them into their own personal zombies – some even make them into their own slaves. If a voodoo priest comes up and offers you a drink, you should never trust him.

Now, let me tell you my choice. I would side with vampires. Why? Think of a zombie horde and a clutch. Zombies would be more of a threat to humans than vampires. However, if there was a battle between the two, the vampire would win. The zombie can bite the vampire and this would cause damage, but it is going to make the vampire turn into a zombie. A vampire, on the other hand, can easily smash the zombie and destroy him. Plus, I always think of vampires as being the smart guys – zombies on the other hand, they don’t seem very smart.

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