draculaWe all know that vampires love to suck your blood and those fake vampires sparkle when they step out into the sun. However, vampires go much deeper than sucking blood and sparkling –there’s more to them. Today, we are going to give you some fun facts on vampires …

The Reason They Have no Reflection

When a human passes away and comes back as a vampire, according to legend, the individual no longer has a soul. It is believed that mirrors show the image of not only the body, but the soul as well. So, obviously, if you didn’t have a soul, you’re not going to have a reflection. Back in the day, mirrors used to have some silver in them. As you know, vampires are “allergic” to silver.

A Group of Vampires

Fish are grouped together in schools, geese are grouped together in gaggles … what about a group of vampires? A group of vampires are often referred to as a coven, clan, clutch or pack.

Gourds Posed a Threat

People who live in the Balkans believe gourds pose a threat. If a watermelon (yes, we said watermelon) or a pumpkin is left outside for too long after it is time to pick it, the fruit could transform into a vampire.

The Disease with Vampire Like Symptoms

There’s a disease called porphyria, which can cause symptoms that are similar to a vampire. Mind you, you may want to become a vampire, but porphyria is certainly something you don’t want – it isn’t going to make you sparkle in the sun. Individuals who have this condition suffer from hallucinations, possible madness, paranoia and they can’t go out into the sun.

Dolmens are prehistoric stone monuments. They have been found on top of graves in northwest Europe. Anthropologists believe dolmens have been placed on top of the graves in order to prevent the vampire from emerging.

Sunlight Kills Vampires – Started by the Government

It is believed that the U.S. government started the superstition that sunlight can kill vampires. It is believed that this was started in the 1950s to scare superstitious guerillas. While sunlight can be used in order to kill vampires in, say, “Interview with a Vampire,” there are other vampires like Lord Ruthven and Varney that can go out into the sunlight without dying.

Vampire Folklore

In vampire folklore, a vampire first comes out as a blurry shape that doesn’t contain any bones. When the vampire emerged, he had a sharp snout instead of a nose and red glowing eyes. The sharp snout was used to suck blood, of course. If the vampire could live for 40 days, bones would form and his body would become more difficult to kill.

How One Can Become a Vampire

It is believed that one can be transformed into a vampire not only through a bike. It is also believed that folklore vampires can become a vampire if:

  • They practiced sorcery
  • Were once a werewolf
  • Came from a pregnant woman that was watched by a vampire
  • Died before baptism
  • Was a nun hat stepped over a body that wasn’t buried yet
  • Practice sorcery
  • Had a cat jump on them before being buried
  • The individual had ever eaten the flesh of a sheep that was killed by a wolf
  • Was a baby that was born with teeth
  • Had a bat fly over their corpse
  • Was a stillborn
  • Was excommunicated by the Orthodox church
  • Was the seventh son of the seventh son
  • People who died of violent deaths
  • Those who weren’t buried properly

As you see, there are many ways to turn into a vampire, but personally, we wouldn’t try any of it.


There’s many more fun facts on vampires – we encourage you to branch out and continue your research, because vampires really are interesting creatures to learn about.

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